The Pennsylvania Business Broker Association (PBBA) is a non-profit corporation whose primary purpose is promoting ethics, education, networking and cooperative communication among professional Business Intermediaries and Brokers in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

Business Brokers, also called Intermediaries for the larger transactions, are generally engaged as advisors to business owners of closely held businesses though some member will be engaged to represent buyers. Most will value a business, find ready, willing and able buyers/sellers to purchase or sell the ownership of a business, will negotiate and document the details necessary to bring a transaction to a close. The practice of business brokerage, by its very nature, demands an acumen for business operations with a genuine respect for confidentiality well beyond that of non-business general practitioners in real estate. These professionals have come together to experience the benefits of group synergism with the end goal of better serving their respective clients.

 >Ethics & Professional Standards. Members adhere to a specific set of Ethics and Professional Standards which strives to produce a high level of confidence to the general public by encouraging adherence to a strict code of ethics to set high standards of conduct and professionalism required for handling confidential business assignments.

 >The Client. Individual PBBA Members exchange information with each other and also use this web site to produce a process, which is quick and efficient to assist the member's access to needed information and resources regarding transactions. This site provides the best service to both the buyer and seller for accurate up to date information on specific business offerings.

 >Meetings. PBBA members meet twice annually at a daylong conference with presentations by industry leaders as well as other professionals such as attorneys, lenders, allied professions and accountants who have dedicated their practices and businesses to commercial and business transactions.

 >Education. PBBA provides its members with educational seminars covering a variety of pertinent subjects germane to the sale and acquisition of businesses including tax law, Federal and State disclosure requirements, environmental challenges, securities, usury rates, marketing and advertising just to name a few.

PBBA also provides continuing educational classes certified by the International Business Brokers Association University to fulfill their specific business designations requirements or for Continuing Educations credits used to maintain their designations. The subject matter and course outline are always geared to the interests of the association's membership.

 >Our Web Site. The PBBA as an organization and this Internet-based multiple listing and information service serve as an effective and timely communication network whereby profitable, on going, businesses listed for sale, can be shared with prospective member brokers and qualified buyers. The web site information is not complete enough to specifically identify the client so the network serves as an initial screening tool to allow the prospective buyer to know enough about the business opportunity so that, if interested, would be motivated to contact the PBBA member. Buyer prospects will be asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and provide information showing their financial capability prior to a broker providing additional information on the subject business.