Certified Brokers

PBBA Certified Brokers. In our association we have several members who hold various designations in the business of "Selling Businesses". These designations are indicative of an advanced knowledge strengthened by rigorous education and ethical conduct. They are shown in bold in the following chart:

GroupsBusiness DesignationsAppraiser Designation

Business BrokersCBI, SBA, CBAASA, CMEA, CBOA
Real estate brokers
Investment bankers

Lawyers & AccountantsJD, PA, CPA
Business IntermediariesM&AMI. CM&A

Glossary of Designations:

CBI = Certified Business Intermediaries

CBA = Certified Business Analyst

CMEA = Certified Mach. & Equip. Appraiser

SRA = Senior Residential Appraiser

CBC = Certified Business Counselor

PA = Public Accountant

M&AMI = Merger & Acquis. Master Intermediary

ATP = Accredited Tax Preparer

SBA = Senior Business Analyst

ASA = Amaerican Society of Appraisers

CBOA = Certified Bus. Oppty. Appraiser

MAI = Member Appraisal Institute

JD = Juris Doctor

CPA = Certified Public Accountant

MBA = Master in Bus. Administration

CM&A = Certified in Mergers & Acquis.

Business Brokers, for the most part spend the majority of their business life selling business in the market known as Mainstreet (Business with sales in the $50,000 to $3Mil range). During the last twenty-five years, there has been rapid growth in this market area of the profession. Numerous associations have been founded, the most notable being the International Business Broker's Association (IBBA) with a membership in excess of 1,700 members. There are dozens of local chapters of the International Business Broker's Association throughout North America of which PBBA is one of them. There are now over 550 business brokers with their CBI's and about 70 M&AMI's

Real Estate Brokers seldom become too involved in selling businesses and generally only become involved when a friend or client owns a business. Most realtors shy away from the complexities of selling a business and will refer a client to a competent Business Broker.

Investment bankers and Consultants are usually not licensed by a governing authority.

Lawyers and Accountants will eagerly assist clients in the sale of their businesses and generally charge fees on an hourly basis.

Business Intermediaries are usually highly trained professionals many of whom have spent time in mainstreet selling smaller business as a Business Broker, but now focus on the mid- market businesses. There are also numerous associations that they belong to:

  • The M&A Source: (affiliated with the International Business Broker's Association) there are currently 275 members, who can earn the coveted designation M&AMI (Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary) through a combination of courses and experience.

  • The Institute of Certified Business Counselors: (this is one of the oldest associations) there are currently about 150 members and members can earn a designation CBC (Certified Business Counselor)

  • The Alliance of Merger and Acquisition Advisors: there are approximately 200 members, many of who are public accountants interested in specializing in the sale of businesses. Extensive training courses are available from the AM&AA for which the designation CM&A is granted (Certified in Merger & Acquisitions)