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Casino online today (10/29/2020)

Who among us is not interested in what the online casino will look like in the future? The specialists of game business have been asking this question for a long time, making quite interesting forecasts. We will take a look at them too.

Profit increase

Experts touch upon the issue of profit. According to the analysis of Technavio, by 2020 in online gembling will grow annually about 11% profit.

Analysts Juniper Research say that by 2021 online casinos will have a turnover of 1 trillion dollars. The co-author of the study, Lauren Foyer, notes that the lion's share of income will fall on mobile casinos. She also argues that it is virtual reality and multi-channel will contribute to the growth of profits.

Virtual reality is a successful feature of casinos

This technology is no longer something that is out of reach. It is already actively used by many companies. And in the field of casino VR becomes especially interesting. After all, then online players feel as if at a real table, fully feel the game and can even "communicate" with the dealer. During the game the person distinctly hears the characteristic rustling of cards or work of real devices.

But you should understand that the casinos of the future are implementing an expensive technology. As a result, the casino site becomes more resource-intensive, and the stakes may increase. However, these factors wear off if you imagine for a second what kind of fun gambling with VR will be.